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Below is a list of learning tracks to assist you in your general life

and your walk with the Lord. Each track has a variety of courses and modules you can take at times that are convenient for you.

TRACK 1: Exploring

the Christian Faith

Discover what sets Christianity apart from other religions and why it can be trusted. These modules seek to answer many common questions and concerns that arise about the Christian faith and what is involved. This is good learning track for those who are simply searching out the faith or for those who want to be better equipped in sharing their faith with others. We will answer questions such as: Who is Jesus and why did He die? How can I have faith? Why and how do I pray? Can I trust the Bible? Why and how should I read the Bible? How does God guide us? Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do? How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? How can I resist evil? Does God heal today? Why is there suffering in the world and why aren't Christians exempt? And much more.

TRACK 2: Anchoring

in the Christian Faith

You have made a decision to follow Jesus Christ and have received the gift of His salvation from sin. Engage in this track to establish your roots in the basics of Christianity and core Biblical doctrines. We cover topics such as assurance of salvation, the 2 natures, the Triune Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), attributes of God, Bible basics, preliminaries on prayer, the Spirit-filled life, the fellowship of believers, sharing your faith, spiritual warfare and temptation, obedience to God, sanctification, peace, righteousness, grace, free will, the 2 "Adams"the priesthood of believers, discipleship, why Christians suffer, the 7 judgments of God, the 8 great covenants of God, 12 great mysteries of God,, the antichrist, the second coming of Christ, Kingdom concepts. and the will of God, and more.

TRACK 3: Growing

in the Christian Faith

Your walk with Christ has become stable, unshaken by the circumstances of life. Yet you long for more. You want to move from surviving in the Christian life to thriving and being prepared to be fruitful for God's kingdom. In this track, you will learn and practice essential spiritual disciplines that will help you move forward in your walk with the Lord from a biblical perspective. We will explore the concept of Christian stewardship and the seven areas of our lives we are called to steward well for God's glory. We will also discuss twelve core spiritual disciplines that are necessary to combat the pulls of the world and catapult us into a deeper relationship with God. We will also identify some of the top barriers, hindrances, and hurdles that believers face.

TRACK 4: Ministry

Skills Development

Ministry is more than just possessing a passion to serve in a specific way. It is even more than combining that with a skill set to accomplish the task. It also involves knowing what you have been anointed by God to do. Ministry is the place wehere all three of these aspects intersect. In this thrack we will help you understand and cultivate what that "sweet spot" is through the "lifescope" process. You will also discover the primary spiritual gifts that God is currently using through you so you can accentuate your influence for His kingdom. You will develop a plan to activate your ministry calling by learning how to work with the team God calls "His Body" and employ means by which you can evaluate ministry effectiveness and the traps to avoid in this process.

TRACK 5: Leadership

Training & Application

You have shown faithfulness, competence, and fruitfulness in ministry. Others in church leadership have identified that within you and celebrated it alongside you. As you are released into leadership, we will now uncover Biblical leadership principles and strategies to assist you as you make disciples and, in turn, empower and release them into ministry. In this track, we will define the three dimensions of authority and the five associated levels . We will also discuss the "2-sided coin" of authority and submission, why we need spiritual leaders, what is the God-ordained structure for church leadership/ governance, uncover the 5 "P's" of leadership, as well as what it means to be a "servant-leader." We will also look at a number of practical items like dealing with burnout, interpersonal conflicts, group facilitating, how to empower others, etc.

TRACK 6: Relationship

and Life Enhancement

This final track exists on its own. It has a variety of stand-alone classes that deal with an array of topics such as money, taking care of yourself, caregiving from a biblical perspective, marriage, relationships, parenting, and the like. Feel free to utilize them as they pertain to you. Although based on a biblical perspective, Christians - and those who are not - may find this material informative and can all benefit from the information in these modules.

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